We Offer:

  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Chiropractic Care (Several Techniques)
  • Specific Corrective Exercise
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Amino Acid Therapy

Synergy Natural Health - Services

At Synergy Health, we treat the root cause of your pain and not just the symptoms. We use a multi-point strategy with a unique "hands on" approach. We have liberated thousands of people from the grip of pain, limited movement, and loss of strength with natural, drug-free methods. Our comprehensive techniques, based on massive personal experience, will leave you feeling that you are, indeed, in the right place.

Our office is result-oriented. We do not attempt to treat conditions that are not likely to respond to our methods. We expect results in a reasonably short time frame.

Some of the conditions we can help:

How does the laser work?

Most lasers that people have heard about are lasers used for cutting or for cosmetic applications. Our laser is completely different: it is not designed to create superficial heat. It is designed to penetrate deeply into tissues without creating excess heat.

It is good to remember that the warmth you feel is not what actually treats you. The heat is just the byproduct of oscillating light waves. You are actually healed by beams of light that are traveling at specific wavelengths.

When you have pain, you have cells that are dying and functioning at very low levels. The laser light beams stimulate that mitochondria in the cells, which begin to function at higher levels. This allows the damaged cell to heal itself from the inside out. The cells actually heal and regenerate. The FDA has classified the laser as an "actinotherapy" which means it has the ability to heal and regenerate human tissue. There is no other treatment device that is so designated.

On a more macro level, the laser:

Why we use the Avicenna laser:

  1. The Avicenna laser is the original FDA approved Class IV laser.
  2. Avicenna has all the original patents.
  3. Avicenna is the most powerful and technologically advanced.
  4. Only Avicenna has "dual beam" technology (patented) that allows for deeper penetration.
  5. Avicenna maintains a clinical research center and has the best training available.
  6. Avicenna is made and manufactured in the United States. No foreign parts or assembly.
  7. They back up their statements with hard copy proof.
  8. Avicenna was built from the ground up to be a therapeutic laser. It is not a modified dental laser or some copied device.
  9. Avicenna is the best and also the most expensive.

I have used low powered "cold" lasers for years because they were the only ones available. I loved the way they worked but never felt that they were powerful enough. Now, with the use of the Avicenna 12,000 milliwatt lasers, we have the instrument we need to get deep enough to cure these problems at their roots. Nothing I have ever used works like this laser.

F. Thomas Webb, D.C.

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